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supreme C  burner and 175,-235,000 btu heater approximately 15 min
Steady flow cruise control   Meter Pump video 8 min
Fan / Limit-control  tutorial  video 5 min
Flame Controller / Oil Primary tutorial video  about 15 min
Clean burn ctb 200 boiler tutorial video  9 min
waste oil burner runs but will not produce a flame technical help video  about 11 minutes 
Burner runs with nice long flame for 30 sec, then shuts off, but will re-fire repeatedly & immediately as soon as red button is reset 
how to prime a meter pump about 7 min.
 Burner Runs 30 Sec - 7 Min, but Will not Re-fire Until after it Sits for an additional 15 Min
How to Change a Lanair Nozzle & Install it Without Damaging the Quad Ring .
Poor Quality/ Small Flame/ Barely Burns 7 min.
warning  if you use these videos you are agreeing to accept  all liability and consequences entirely!!!
Burner Runs Great All Day but Needs Reset Most Mornings Tech Help Video   6 min